The Volleyball Federation sends an official letter to 14 clubs to refrain from friction in the ‘Kim Ho-cheol Controversy’… “There is no plan for disciplinary action”

It was confirmed that the Korea Volleyball Federation sent an official letter to 14 male and female professional volleyball clubs asking them to슬롯사이트 “refrain from unnecessary words and actions during the game.” The official letter of cooperation was sent when fans protested and criticized one after another regarding the so-called ‘controversy over director Kim Ho-cheol’. However, regarding the request for disciplinary action against coach Kim and the referees, he said, “There is no plan to discuss it.”

An official from the federation said on the 16th, “As the league moves toward the second half of the year, competition tends to intensify, such as friction between teams.” “We sent out an official letter asking them to refrain from unnecessary words and actions.”

Through an official letter, the federation asked managers, coaches, and players not to blush at the stadium. The federation said to each club, “In recent matches, there has been a case of friction between a player and the opposing team’s coaching staff or players from both teams, and has received a lot of criticism from fans.” Fans who love volleyball may be disappointed, so we ask each club to take special care and restraint.”

At the same time, he emphasized, “The federation will also thoroughly educate the federation game members (members, referees, official scorers, etc.) so that the game can be run smoothly, and I will do my best to ensure that the rest of the season goes smoothly.”

The federation’s official letter was sent because volleyball fans demanded disciplinary action against IBK Industrial Bank coach Kim Ho-cheol and referees. On the 11th, coach Kim was on the cutting board with words and actions that seemed to directly shoot Kim Yeon-kyung, who protested against the referee in a match with Heungkuk Life Insurance. The reason was that he interfered with the game by expressing dissatisfaction with the opponent, not the referee.

However, the federation said it would not hold a reward and punishment committee for coach Kim and referees. It is a position that it is cautious to judge whether to discipline based on the ‘Kim Ho-cheol profanity video’ that has spread online such as YouTube channels.

An official from the federation said, “The referees responded appropriately, such as asking coach Kim and player Kim Yeon-kyung to restrain themselves in the game. He added, “There are no plans to discipline or discuss disciplinary action against anyone. With this incident, we will pay special attention at the federation level so that volleyball can develop further.”

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