Typhoon ‘Hinamno’ and ‘Mawar’ in the north…impact on the Korean Peninsula?

Typhoon Mawar, which means rose in Malaysian, is strengthening and heading north toward South Korea and Japan.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says Mawar is now moving toward Guam after developing 890 kilometers southeast of the island on the 20th.

It predicted that the intensity would be upgraded to medium to strong this afternoon and then to ‘very strong’ three days later on the 25th.

A ‘very strong’ rating is when winds are 44 meters per second to 53 meters per second, second only to ‘super strong’ which is the highest.

That’s enough to send people or large boulders flying, and is the same level as Typhoon Hinamno, which made landfall on the Korean Peninsula in August last year메이저사이트.

Mawar is expected to pass over Guam between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

It will then pass 620 kilometers offshore northwest of Guam on the 26th and move to about 960 kilometers north of Palau on the 27th, according to the weather service’s analysis.

So far, it looks like Mawar will make landfall in the Philippines or eastern China, but the typhoon’s path is still in flux and it remains to be seen if it will head for the Korean Peninsula.

None of the typhoons that have occurred in May in the past decade have made landfall on the Korean Peninsula, but even if they don’t, we should be cautious as the typhoon’s water vapor could have an impact.

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