Typhoon No. 2 ‘Mawar’ heading north… expected path?

The second typhoon ‘Mawar’, which occurred in the afternoon of last weekend, is heading north.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration on the 22nd, Typhoon Mawar is passing through the sea around 600 km southeast of Guam as of 10:00메이저사이트 am on the same day.

Mawar, currently a ‘strong’ typhoon, is expected to develop into a ‘very strong’ typhoon on the 25th as it settles in the southeast of Okinawa, Japan, a sea near 560 km northwest of Guam.

The classification of typhoon intensity is divided into △super strong △very strong △strong △medium, and in August of last year, Typhoon Hinnamno, which was concerned about the greatest damage, was rated “very strong” with a speed of 50m per second.

If Typhoon Mawar proceeds to the northwest as it is, it is highly likely to head for the Philippines and China, but as the typhoon’s movement path is still flexible, future weather information should be looked at.

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