Veteran LA columnist also cuts his losses “Dodgers, dump traitorous Urias”

“They shouldn’t let him pitch for the Dodgers anymore.”

A veteran columnist for one of the most prestigious local newspapers in Los Angeles has called for the Los Angeles Dodgers to cut ties with disgraced pitcher Julio Urias.

Local media outlets in the U.S. reported simultaneously on Friday that Urias was arrested for felony battery on a spouse. In short, aggravated battery on a spouse. Yurias was reportedly booked into an LA detention center earlier in the day and released on $50,000 bail. He will now be arraigned.안전놀이터

Urias is one of the Dodgers’ most popular players. He was signed by the Dodgers when he was 16 years old. California has a large Mexican population, so his popularity is bound to skyrocket. Add to that the fact that he was born with a deformity in his left eye, and he rose to prominence and led the Dodgers to a World Series title in 2020, and he was a star for everyone in the LA area.

But there was an accident. In 2019, he was suspended for 20 games for assaulting a woman in a local shopping center parking lot. It was reportedly domestic violence. American society and Major League Baseball are adamant about this kind of violence. Even if the incident was minor at the time, it tarnished Urias’ image, and it’s clear that this felony spousal assault charge will make it harder for him to live as a star.

Bill Plasky, a veteran columnist for the Los Angeles Times, took a firm stand in his column. “Urias should no longer be allowed to throw a ball as a Dodger,” he wrote.

Plasky argued that Urias’ latest assault was not a mistake, and that his previous incidents had left irreparable scars. He emphasized that the Dodgers and their fans believed in him, gave him a second chance, and when he blew it, the Dodgers’ owners had only one option. They should not allow him to throw a ball again as a Dodger.

If Urias is found guilty of assault, he would become the first player in history to be suspended twice for domestic violence. Urias is eligible for free agency after this season, and Plasky said the Dodgers need to be firm with him whether he becomes a free agent or not. As an example, he cited Trevor Bauer, who was banned from Major League Baseball for sexual assault. Bauer is continuing his career in Nippon Professional Baseball this season.

Plasky told the Dodgers, “Make no mistake. It’s going to hurt. It’s going to hurt,” he warned, adding, “The city of L.A., the Dodgers, had forgiven him. But he’s done the unforgivable once again,” he concluded.

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