“We put a double header in the original schedule.” Complaints over remaining games, “Busan→Jamsil DH included, 7 consecutive games” Samsung also got angry “We also have a plan”

Complaints over the remaining schedule announced by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) the day before are rampant.

On the 29th, director Hong Won-ki of Kiwoom criticized the decision, and on the next day, on the 30th, Samsung director Park Jin-man pointed out a similar problem.

Manager Park said, “The double header was not created because of the newly canceled game, but a double header was originally created in the regular schedule. No. We have a one-year plan, but there is an aspect that does not make sense to insert a double header there.”먹튀검증

Eight teams, including Samsung, must play a double header on Saturday, the 9th of next month. Only SSG and KT are exceptions.

The next day after the double header is the 2:00 noon game on Sunday. The exhausted squad has to hit the field the next morning. Samsung will play three consecutive games against the Lotte Giants in Busan on September 5-7, and then move directly to Jamsil Stadium to play four games against Doosan, including a double header. The day after the doubleheader is the Sunday 2:00 game.

The 2023 KBO League Kiwoom Heroes and kt Wiz match was held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 13th. Director Kiwoom Hong Won-

Kiwoom, which has played the most 119 games using Gocheok Sky Dome, the only dome stadium, as its home, is bound to be more dissatisfied.

After playing the Changwon NC Dinos night game on September 5-7, move to Gocheok and play 4 consecutive matches with Hanwha, including a double header. After playing the game on the 8th, play a double header all day on the 9th, and then play the daytime game at 2:00 pm on the 10th.

The point of Kiwoom’s complaint is that there is no need to rush through such a tight schedule from the point of view of the team that played the most games.

Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki said, “The 9th was a regular season game, but it was organized as a double header. There is obviously a reserve day behind it, but I can’t understand why it is being played as a double header. The previous game was Changwon, and Saturday is a double header. And we have to play at 2:00. But I don’t think it’s a very unreasonable decision.” He continued, “Gocheok Dome is an environment where there is no reason to play a double header. It is an unconvincing decision to put a regular season game on Saturday as a double header, avoiding Tuesday and Thursday reserve days,” he said.

The position of the KBO, which has to coordinate the interests of the 10 clubs, is also difficult.

The KBO said, “There was an aspect of trying to distribute the double header evenly to some extent,” and “the schedule of the opposing team (Hanwha) had to be taken into consideration. If an additional team is organized on the reserve day, Hanwha will have to move back to Gocheok to play just one game. “He expressed his grievances.

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