What Types of Bets Are There?

There are all sorts of betting scenarios available in today’s highly competitive sportsbook world, and understanding what bets serve what purpose is a good way to guarantee yourself a better payout. From straight-to-point spread bets, there are many ways to make money betting on sporting events.

The lines will vary, and so will the probability, but ultimately, if you understand the archetypes, you will be able to come better prepared and have a chance to turn even a small amount into a big winner. With this in mind, we will now go through several main bet types. 안전놀이터

Moneyline or Straight Bets
Moneyline (sometimes misspelled as “money line”) or straight bets are essentially the same thing. A straight bet is placed on a team to win the game, and so is a moneyline. Moneylines are usually associated with American odds and expressed as -/+ 100 or some other three-digit number.

Then again, you stand to win $285 on a $100 bet on the Wizards because they have very slim chances of winning the game in the first place. Moneylines or straights are considered the most common types of bets, and you want to bet on the moneyline, especially if you are new to betting as a whole.

Point Spreads

Remember when we said that great teams cover the spread? Here is an explanation. The spread is an amount that is detracted or added to the final result to define the outcome of the wager but not necessarily reflects which players win the game. Here’s another example pulled directly from a sportsbook:

Here, you need to bet $110 on either team. In the case of the 76ers, you are betting that they will win by a difference greater than 8. However, if the Wizards lose by just a few points, but not greater than 8, they are effectively winning you the bet.

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