Who is the female long hitter who can hit irons straight? … Choi Kang-eun Kim Su-ji, Kim Min-byeol and Lee So-young 2nd and 3rd place, Bang Shin-sil Dark Horse 

Among the records of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, there is something called the ‘driving index’. It is a record ranked in descending order by adding the ‘drive distance ranking’ and ‘fairway landing rate ranking’. It is a numerical calculation of who hits the tee shot ‘farther, straighter’.

Currently, after eight tournaments, super rookie Kim Min-byeol (19) is ranked first in this category. There is also a ‘heating ability index’, a concept that includes ‘driving index’ and ‘green hit rate ranking’, and Kim Min-byeol stands out in this category as well.

Kim Min-byeol ranked 8th in drive shot distance (249.58 yards), 4th in green hit rate (74.39%), and 27th in fairway landing rate, recording a driving index of ’35’ and a hitting ability index of ’39’.

Here, what would happen if the fairway landing rate was subtracted and the ranking was calculated by adding only the drive distance and green hit rate? You will be able to identify the female long hitters who hit straight with irons.

Ignoring tee shot accuracy in the hitting ability index, Kim Su-ji (26) was the best player among the KLPGA Tour players who had both long hitting power and iron shot ability.

Kim Su-ji shot 258.97 yards this year, ranking first in the drive shot distance category and ranking third in the green accuracy rate with 75.55%. The sum of the two sectors is only ‘4’.

Kim Su-ji, who won the grand prize with two wins last year, has not yet won a championship this year, but she has been ranked within the top five three times, ranking fourth in average batting average and seventh in grand prize points.

Minbyeol Kim.
The second female long hitter who can hit irons well is Kim Min-byeol. Kim Su-ji and Kim Min-byeol are currently the only players within the top 10 in both drive shot distance and green hit rate. Minbyul Kim is running at the top of her rookie rankings as she racked up her third consecutive top 10 streak earlier in the season.

When driving shot distance and green 메이저사이트accuracy rankings were combined, the players with the third lowest number were Lee So-young (25) with 6 wins and Choi Ye-bon (20) with 2nd year.

Lee So-young, who runs first in green hit rate (77.53%), ranked 16th in long hit ranking (246.41 yards), and Choi Ye-bon, who is fifth in drive shot distance (250.74 yards), ranked 12th in green hit rate (72.48%).

Kwak Bo-mi, who ranked 2nd in the long drive ranking (255.24 yards), ranked 41st (68.75%) in the green accuracy rate, and Hwang Yoo-min, who was 3rd in the long drive ranking (255.12 yards), ranked 34th (69.31%) in the green accuracy rate.

Park Min-ji (25), who is currently the best player on the KLPGA tour, is ranked 33rd in drive distance, 11th in green hit rate, and 5th in fairway landing rate.

If he enters the official rankings, there is one dark horse who will compete with Kim Su-ji for a ‘long hitter with excellent iron shots’.

This is Shinsil Bang (19), a rookie who finished 3rd in the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship and 4th in the 45th KLPGA Championship. Although he is a conditional seed and has only played in 3 tournaments, he is not included in the official rankings.

Bang Sin-sil is showing a 76.54% green hit rate while flying an average of 264.57 yards, a record that could put him first in long shots and second in green hit percentage if he was included in the rankings.

In the 2023 KLPGA Tour, where eight different champions have yet to emerge, it will be an interesting point to watch what the players who hit the iron shot straight while hitting the tee shot far will perform.

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