Who is the leader in the distance of the drive shot?

 The ball that stretches all the way with a light hitting sound makes the clogged inside empty. It is the drive shot that can be said to be the beginning of golf.

Sending a drive tee shot far does not necessarily guarantee a good result. However, in the long course of the battlefield, the longer the distance, the closer to the hole cup, so it is of great help in reducing the number of strokes. In particular, in a professional game where joys and sorrows are mixed for each shot, the distance of the drive shot can be the key to determining the performance.

Long hitters who can send the ball farther have received high attention from galleries and the media regardless of the era.

The importance of distance was also emphasized in Korean women’s golf, which has now become the center of world golf, such as the LPGA stage, and long hitters such as Kim Se-young and Park Seong-hyun stood out with their exciting drive shots.

Then, who is the best drive shot in the history of Korean women’s golf? Looking at detailed records from 2008, the player with the longest average distance in a season was Kim Se-young in 2013.

Kim Se-young, who reigns as one of the best long hitters on the LPGA Tour, won three wins in 2013, the third year of the KLPGA First Division Tour메이저사이트, as the distance of her drive tee shots increased significantly. At that time, Kim Sei-young’s average flying distance was 266.94 yards (approximately 244m).

The second in history was also a player who competed for the championship in the same year as Kim Se-young, so it is Jang Ha-na, who was called the ‘long hit girl’ and now has entered the ranks of legends. Jang Ha-na’s distance in the 2013 season was 266.42 yards (approximately 243 m), not much different from Kim Se-young.

Early and mid-2010, when they were active, was a time when long hitters were especially produced. In the history of the KLPGA Tour, there were 19 times when the average distance of more than 260 yards was recorded in a season, and the bias was remarkable with 14 times in 2013 and 2014 alone.

It is no exaggeration to say that long hitters (Kim Se-young, Jang Ha-na, Lee Mi-rim) who stood out during this period advanced to the LPGA tour and achieved remarkable results thanks to their extraordinary distance.

The genealogy of Korean women’s golf long hitters was later followed by Park Seong-hyun and Kim A-rim. As if they left for the American stage and waited, a top-notch prospect appeared, and it was Yoon Na-na.

Yoon Ina participated in 15 competitions in the first part of the tour last year and recorded an average distance of 263.45 yards (7th in history), receiving public attention. Recording a flight distance that exceeded, the galleries aroused admiration.

However, despite her all-time talent, she was banned from playing on the field for the time being as she received a three-year suspension for misplaying at the Korean Women’s Open last June.

On the other hand, the average distance of 260 yards or more, which can be said to be a symbol of long hitters, has been a total of 19 times since 2008, and they jointly won 28 times that season. It is no exaggeration to say that drive shot distance is a very important factor for winning.

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