“Why is it my house?” Retaliation against pregnant woman who asked to refrain from smoking between floors

The story of a resident who complained of damage from smoking between apartment floors is attracting attention online스포츠토토.

The writer said, “I come to the point where I can’t live at home and write.” “The smell of cigarettes from downstairs came up every day, and I and my husband, both pregnant women, suffered, so I went to ask them to refrain from it around May.”

She then recalled, “A lady who looked like she was in her 40s came out with a cigarette. ‘What does it have to do with me smoking in my house’ and slammed the door.”

Then she said, “She was quiet for about 2-3 days and didn’t smell. But three weeks ago, the smell of medicine suddenly started from the veranda and spread throughout the house. It made me dizzy, so I stayed at my parents’ house.”

The writer claimed that she suffered retaliation. She posted a picture of the unknown liquid and dirt sprayed around the front door and hallway windows.

She said the writer’s husband, who was pregnant, witnessed this. She wrote, “A woman knocked on the door in the early morning, screaming and cursing at me to come out. She was told by the uncle next door,” she wrote. It seems,” he said.

At the same time, she complained, “I reported it to the police, and now they say they will do an inquiry.”

On the 15th, in an online community, an article titled ‘Please help me with retaliation medicine for the smell of cigarette between floors’ was posted.

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