Will Anthony Kim, who won 3 wins on the PGA Tour, make a comeback through the LIV Golf Series?

On the 27th, the New York Times reported on the possibility that Anthony Kim would join the LIV golf series sponsored by Saudi Arabia through an interview with Eric Larsson, who was Anthony Kim’s caddy.

Larsson told the New York Times: “(When asked if he would join the LIV series or not), he said, ‘I really don’t know,’ and I said, ‘Go ahead, get your old club out there and have fun.'”

Then Anthony Kim laughed and replied, “That’s what people want from me.”

Also, Adam Shriver, his swing coach, said, “Anthony Kim’s swing is the same as before,” and “I played golf with him twice in the last two years.”

Anthony Kim won two victories in 2008 and one in 2010 on the PGA Tour, and at one time formed a rivalry with Tiger Woods (48, USA), the “golf emperor”.

However, he abruptly left the PGA Tour at the end of 2012 and has not appeared in an official tournament for over 10 years. 메이저놀이터

The reason for his sudden cessation of playing activities is unknown.

Anthony Kim said in an interview with the Associated Press in 2015, “I haven’t been in the game for a long time, so my physical condition is not good.”

Golf Digest, an American golf media, said, “It is unclear whether Anthony Kim actually received an offer from the LIV series, but it is good news for those who are curious about the news about Anthony Kim, who played a big role in the 2008 Ryder Cup.”

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