Will Mori become the first Japanese player to win the PBA championship? Martinez challenges for his 4th championship

Mori, who is aiming to become the first Japanese player to win the PBA championship, and Martinez, who is trying to win his fourth championship, will clash in the finals.

In the semifinals of the ‘SY LPBA Championship’, the 4th game of the 23/24 season held at KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do on the 11th, Yusuke Mori defeated Park Ki-ho with a ‘full set close match’ with a set score of 4:3 (15:7, 3:15, 13:13). 15, 3:15, 15:14, 15:4, 11:9) achieved a comeback victory.

In the ‘Crown Haitai Match’ between David Martinez and Oh Tae-jun, after a fierce battle, Martinez broke out with a set score of 4:3 (7:15, 15:6, 13:15, 15:9, 15:8, 2:15, 11:9). won.

◆ Mori ends a fierce battle with Park Ki-ho and wins the match 1:3 → 4:3.

Mori (30) was dragged down with a set score of 1:3 in the semifinals against Park Ki-ho, but won the match with a score of 4:3.

Mori won the first set, but lost sets 2 to 4 in a row. In the 2nd set, he lost 3:15 in 5 innings to Park Ki-ho, who had a high 11 points, and also lost the 3rd and 4th sets. When defeat seemed to be in sight, Mori launched a major counterattack.메이저사이트

Mori, who made up for it with a score of 15:14 (13 innings) after 5 sets, won 15:4 in 5 innings with two long hits (5 points, 7 points) in the 6th set, tying the set score at 3:3. .

The last 7 sets were dragged and then turned over. Morey, who started his first four innings with a ball hit, was pulled 4:7 into the ninth inning. However, he scored 3 points in the 10th inning to trail by one point (7:8), and then added 1 point in the 11th inning to tie the score at 8:8. In the 12th inning, ‘first pitcher’ Park Ki-ho scored only 1 run, and Mori scored the remaining 3 runs, ending the bloody game.

Mori, who made his professional debut in the 21/22 season, did not have much of a presence, with his best performance being only the round of 32 (3 times). However, he continued to perform well in this tournament and became the first Japanese player to aim for the PBA championship.

◆Martinez wins 4:3 in ‘Crown Haitai Match’ with Oh Tae-jun The

‘Crown Haitai Match’ between Martinez and Oh Tae-jun was also a very close match. Martinez gave up the first set at 7:15 after 4 innings, but won the second set and tied the score (1:1).

The two players traded sets back and forth until the 6th set. When Oh Tae-jun took the 3rd set, Martinez, with 6 high runs in the 4th set, won 15:9 in 7 innings. Martinez gained momentum and won the 5th set, and in the 6th set, Oh Tae-jun won 15:2 thanks to 11 high runs, balancing the match again (set score 3:3).

In the end, Martinez won the final 7 sets with a score of 11:9 and secured a ticket to the finals.

Martinez, who has been at the top of the PBA three times, is aiming for the trophy again after a year after winning the fourth game last season.

The final match between Mori and Martinez will be held today (11th) at 9 PM. 

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