‘Woods’ son’ Charlie, who throws 300 yards… Plays on the same tee as Daly, Singh, and Koda

On the 15th (Korean time), Tiger Woods (USA), who is pairing up with his son Charlie to compete in the PNC Championship, said, “Charlie does all the shots, and I just have to hole out with a putter.” said.

It means that Charlie has a good shot, but it hides the fact that Charlie and he use different tee boxes.

The PNC Championship, which opens on the 18th, is open to players who have won major championships, sons, daughters, fathers, fathers-in-law, and anyone else can participate as a partner.

Families participating as partners are a mixture of men and women of all ages.

They don’t all play from the same tee box.

The tee box is different for each age and gender. There are 4 tee boxes in use during the tournament.

Men between the ages of 16 and 54 use a 7,126-yard championship tee. Active players such as Woods and Justin Thomas (USA) also play tee shots here.

Men aged 14 to 15, males aged 55 to 73, and female professional golfers play on a tee box with a total length of 6,576 yards. 토토사이트

Children aged 11 to 13 use the 6,036-yard course, and those over the age of 73 climb the 5,499-yard tee box.

Charlie tees off from the second tee box from the back. It’s like playing on a course 550 yards shorter than his father’s tee box.

After finishing ‘Capital One The Match’, Woods told reporters, “I didn’t want to say it, but Charlie started hitting me farther than I did.”

This means that Charlie will hit a driver shot around 300 yards. Woods has no choice but to be strong.

Charlie, who used a tee box of around 6,000 yards last year, has moved the tee box as he is a year older, so this year is expected to be a somewhat difficult game.

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