‘Worst summer’ Shocking 6 consecutive losses, head down Ohtani combined home run king is also a duck

“I have nothing to say. I will work hard tomorrow to break the losing streak.”

Whether it is Korea or the United States, there is not much difference in the feelings expressed by the commanders who have suffered a long losing streak after the game.

The Los Angeles Angels are on a six-game losing streak. This is the record for most consecutive losses this season. The Angels knelt 2-3 after overtime in a home game against the Seattle Mariners held at Angel Stadium on the 7th (hereafter Korean time). The Angels, who lost 6 games since the Atlanta Braves match on the 2nd, marked 56-57 and fell below 50% in 20 days since the 18th of last month (47-48).

The Angels, 4th in the American League (AL) West Division, took 7 games against the Toronto Blue Jays, 3rd in the wild card. Toronto, the target the Angels have to catch up with, won three consecutive victories by defeating the Boston Red Sox 13-1 that day.

Unfortunately, they haven’t won a single game in six games since the trade deadline on the 2nd. Through trades with the Chicago White Sox and Colorado Rockies at the end of July, the Angels reinforced key players such as starter Lucas Giolito, setup man Reynaldo Lopez, first baseman CJ Kron and outfielder Randall Grichick.

However, in 10 games after that, they suffered 3 consecutive losing series and fell sharply with 2 wins and 8 losses. It is also shocking that they were swept by another wild card competitor, Seattle, at home in four straight games.

If Toronto’s odds ratio (0.558) is the cut-off for entering the playoffs, the Angels should win 34 out of the remaining 49 games, or an odds ratio of 0.694. It is a miracle that a team with a 50% win rate immediately raises a win rate close to 70%.스포츠토토

During the six-game losing streak, the Angels posted a team batting average of 0.213, team OPS of 0.606, average run average of 3.33, and team ERA of 4.43. The average score during the same period is 12th in the AL, and the team’s ERA is 11th in the league. All of them are struggling in the pitching game.

“I’m going to get up tomorrow and get out on the field and train hard and play,” Angels manager Phil Nevin said after the game. “I know everyone thinks we’re done. “We have 26 players and staff. They know where we are. They know what’s ahead of us.” It is a message that there is not much to say.

As the Angels, who dreamed of fall baseball for the first time in nine years since 2014 while holding Shohei Ohtani, faced the worst scenario. If they fail to make the playoffs this year and miss Ohtani after the season, the Angels will have no choice but to rush to reorganize their team.

“The Angels will regret not trading Ohtani,” said The Athletic columnist Jim Borden. In other words, rather than losing Ohtani from the free agent market and receiving one draft pick next year, he should have secured a number of promising players this time. As playoff hopes fade, Ohtani’s will to transfer will inevitably increase.

Ohtani recorded 1 hit, 1 run and 2 strikeouts in 4 at-bats that day. Atlanta Braves’ Matt Olsen hit his 39th home run of the season against the Chicago Cubs, trailing Ohtani by one run. As the dream of fall baseball fades away, the home run title is also on the way to being taken away.

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