‘Young and strong starter’ Kwak Bin “WBC, you really have to risk your life”

Last season, Kwak Bin was not the player I knew before.

In the second half, he easily threw a powerful fastball that went over 150 km, striking out almost every inning, and became the team’s ace, remaining one of Doosan’s biggest successes.

It was only natural that he was caught in the eyes of coach Lee Kang-cheol and selected for the WBC team.

[Kwak Bin/Doosan]
“‘I need to be a bit more mindful'” Baseball these days isn’t the same as it used to be, so I think the WBC really needs to do well in order to raise awareness of Korean baseball.

With An Woo-jin excluded, Kwak Bin boasts the best pitch among the national team’s pitchers.

He is proud enough to say that he is the ‘young and strong starter’ that coach Lee Kang-cheol emphasized several times. 토토사이트

[Kwak Bin/Doosan]
“My fastball came to mind a little, so I always looked at the catcher’s mask and threw it, and I think I always got good results. I think I can throw it with ambition.”

Teammate Jeong Cheol-won, who was also selected for the national team, motivated himself by saying that he was motivated by sweeping the Rookie of the Year award at the end of last year.

“I also want to go to the Golden Globes or an awards ceremony like this once in the future. Honestly, I think the team will go up if I do well.”

His confidence has grown to the extent that he can enjoy being in the spotlight not only for the national team but also for his team.